Reading Reform Foundation of New York has adhered to its original mission: to improve reading instruction for all children.

Informative Courses

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Learn from over 70 years of research.

All Reading Reform Foundation courses are based on the Orton-Gillingham or other Orton approaches to teaching reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. These methods are based on seventy years of research.

In Reading Reform Foundation's experience we have learned that it is especially useful for a participant to follow through with ONE program by putting it to use as he/she is learning, and then taking an advanced course in the program.

Therefore, participants may choose only ONE of the introductory courses and, if available, its corresponding advanced course.


Please check this site or call the office, (212) 307-7320, in early 2015 for information on courses for spring and summer 2015. Thank you!


Parents who see me on the street nowadays tell me what a difference it made in spelling, reading, and writing for their now-young adult children.

—Former teacher who was trained in the Reading Reform Foundation method


 Bonnie Lee Apple

Bonnie Lee Apple is a teaching consultant working with teachers in public-school classrooms for Reading Reform Foundation. She earned her Master's degree in Education at Harvard University, studying under the revered Dr. Jeanne Chall. She is certified through the Spalding Education Foundation as a lecturer and instructor.


Brenda Dixon

Brenda Dixon is an intermediate-school teacher in New York City. She has used the Spalding method in her classroom and has taught graduate-level Spalding courses for Reading Reform Foundation since 1994. Ms. Dixon received the Bettina Hall Rubicam Award from Reading Reform Foundation (1993) and the Rookie Teacher of the Year Award (1989).


Esther Morgan Sands

Esther Morgan Sands has over 30 years of teaching experience in the primary grades. She received her B.A. from Queens College and M.S. in Special Education from Yeshiva University. In 1997 she received the Branch Award from the New York Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. Ms. Sands has been Supervisor of Reading Reform Foundation's in-school teacher training program since 1989. She has been teaching courses in Orton-Gillingham-based approaches to teaching reading, writing and spelling since 1980.



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There are currently two types of credit available to students who complete Reading Reform Foundation courses: Graduate Credit and New Jersey Professional Development Credit.

Courses do not have to be taken for graduate credit. Students taking a course for graduate credit may also receive New Jersey Professional Development credits.


Graduate Credit

Reading Reform Foundation is an off-campus site of the Graduate School of the College of New Rochelle, a New York State-accredited institution. The College's fee is $437 per credit, or $1311 for a 3-credit course. The credit fee is in addition to Reading Reform Foundation's instructional fee. Payment for the credit fee is due in full before the course start date and is non-refundable.

Any student who is considering taking a course for graduate credit is responsible for checking with the educational institution or board of education to which the credits would be submitted. Reading Reform Foundation highly recommends that this research be done well in advance of the course start date. Credit fees are non-refundable, and credits cannot be granted retroactively.

Registering for graduate credits is a two-step process:

  1. Check the box on the Reading Reform Foundation registration form to indicate interest in registering for graduate credits. Submit this form with the course instructional fee to Reading Reform Foundation. Do not submit payment for credits at this time.
  2. Upon receiving your course registration form and fee, Reading Reform Foundation will send you confirmation of your place in the course and information about how to apply for and pay for credits.

New Jersey Professional Development Credit

Reading Reform Foundation courses offer the opportunity to earn Professional Development credit from the New Jersey Department of Education.

If you are applying for professional development credits through the New Jersey Department of Education, you are responsible for seeing that the activity is written in your PIP, and your supervisor must approve. You will be provided with further information about this process on the first day of your class.

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Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Ten percent (10%) of any course instructional fee is non-refundable from the outset of registration. Withdrawal and refund requests for the balance of the fee must be received in writing prior to the course start date. No instructional fees or graduate credit fees are refundable after the course begins.

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Our Handbook

Sunday Is for the Sun, Monday Is for the Moon:

Teaching Reading, One Teacher & Thirty Children at a Time

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What People Are Saying

"Thank you for the children's dictionary I really like it because now I don't have to use the computer to look up words for my homework."

—Third-grade student, Brooklyn

What is Our Approach?

Students are taught the written form of the sounds of English, which they then put into words. This makes English logical.

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