Reading Reform Foundation of New York has adhered to its original mission: to improve reading instruction for all children.

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Reading Reform Foundation of New York has adhered to its original mission:  to improve reading instruction.

Reading Reform Foundation's excellent courses and training give teachers the knowledge that most of the English language is predictable and logical if one understands the phonetic basis of the language and its approximately two dozen spelling rules. Teachers learn that this information can be taught to children in step-by-step ways, simultaneously using all the senses to reinforce learning. Our experience over more than 30 years and in hundreds of schools, teaching thousands of children, has proven this logical, multisensory, phonetic approach is effective.

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Sunday is for the Sun,
Monday is for the Moon:

Teaching Reading, One Teacher & Thirty
Children at a Time

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Underlying Research

The highly respected Harvard professor Dr. Jeanne Chall wrote in her book, The Reading Crisis: Why Poor Children Fall Behind, (Harvard University Press, 1990), "The needs of low-income children are not essentially different from those children of middle-class homes. Indeed, our findings suggest that low-income children benefit most from programs that work best for most children... a combination of structure, challenging and direct teaching, and practice in the reading of many books on a wide variety of topics..."


Reading Reform Foundation of New York became a legally recognized not-for-profit organization in 1981.  We have a suite of offices in New York City, a full-time staff of 5, and a part-time staff of 25 training consultants who work in public-school classrooms twice a week, or 60 times, all the academic year.

2014 Annual Report

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Board of Trustees 

Louise L. Arias, 

Aileen Lewisohn Godsick, 
Vice President 

Leona D. Spector, 
Vice President 

Judith Frost Levine, 

Sandra Priest Rose, 
Treasurer and Chairman 



Ralph S. Blumenstock
Nicole Colwell 
Sharon A. Held 
Abraham Nad 
Mary Close Oppenheimer 
Elisabeth de Picciotto 
Merle Chait Price
Ellen Rabina
Marissa Sorger Tracey
Megan Young Wiese
Ariel Flores Zurofsky


Lauren Wedeles,
Executive Director

Esther Morgan Sands,
Director of Education

Diane Baron,
Assistant for Program Services

Shaketa Wheeler,
Administrative Assistant

Wendy Sowala,
Assistant to the Executive Director

Our Handbook

Sunday Is for the Sun, Monday Is for the Moon:

Teaching Reading, One Teacher & Thirty Children at a Time

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What People Are Saying

"The parents are so excited by the program. One parent sat in on a lesson just to see how well her child was doing. She couldn't believe what she witnessed and how well he was reading. I would rather stop breathing than to give up teaching this way."

—First-grade teacher

Upcoming Courses

We give courses all year round on our approach. They are open to both certified teachers as well as parents and administrators.

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